We received all my test results.

We met with my surgeon and she went over my results.
My blood levels were normal- so that was good.

My mammogram and MRI were the most important. We were hoping that these two tests would show us more on the tumour and if it has invaded the surrounding areas of my breast. My mammogram showed where my lump was and that I have no lumps in my right breast.

My MRI result was not great. The images made it seem like my tumour has invaded my pec muscle. So my surgeon, a couple oncologists and radiologists sat together to discuss my options. The radiologist that viewed my MRI images could not say for sure if the cancer has spread, but the images do show that the tumour is quite close to my pec muscle. The images also showed an inflamed lymph node close to my tumour. One of the oncologists suggested for me to have a biopsy on that lymph node before my mastectomy. My surgeon disagreed and was positive that the inflamed lymph node was due to my previous biopsy and that she didn’t believe my tumour was attached to my muscle. My surgeon did prepare me that during surgery, in case it has invaded my muscle, she might have to shave a bit off, or worse remove it completely.

After discussing all this with her, my mom and Andrew, we all agreed to go ahead with my mastectomy. I trust my surgeon and she believes the best thing to do is the surgery.

My surgery is Monday, January 30th, the day before my 28th birthday.



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