The day before..

It was Tuesday and I had a lot to do.
The day before was my first day of college, I woke up thinking about my classes and how excited I was to start this new journey.

I decided to go back to College after being out for 8 years.
I was going back to do something I’ve always loved and enjoyed. The first day of classes were Monday, January 9th. I was so nervous that I wanted to throw up the entire time. The school is mostly students who commute, so you had to buy a parking pass. The only parking pass available was at the mall, and I remember sitting in my car thinking to myself “what the hell am I doing.” I felt so old and even worse is that because I had to park my car at the mall, the school sends a shuttle bus to come pick everyone up and it drops everyone off. So here’s me getting on a school bus with a ton of other people, with our backpacks and lunch bags, feeling like I’m in high school again.
I got to the school early, which was good cause I had no clue where I was going.
My first class was awesome, my teacher seemed really nice and there were a ton of students. Some were younger, some were my age and some were older. It was a good mix that made me feel better. I sat beside a young girl named Justine. She was really nice and seemed just as excited as I was. My second class was just as awesome. I saw some faces that I recognized from my first class, so I felt comfortable introducing myself to them and to other students. I was so determined to make this new journey a good one.

When I got home on Monday, my surgeon’s office called saying my surgeon wants to meet with me tomorrow. Of course I thought the worst, then realized that it’s not possible, I am too young to have breast cancer and it doesn’t run in my family. So the chances of me getting it is very slim. This thought wasn’t going to ruin what an awesome day I had.


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